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  • We specialise in liquid and vacuum bags ranging in capacity of 1 to 220 litres
  • We are a market leader in the supply of bags to the Bag in Box industry
  • We offer an array of dispensing closures/fitments, e.g. the twist tap, toggle tap, press tap, V-Top, ratchet cap, 1 inch cap & gland assembly and the bung
  • The external material is either barrier, EVOH, LDPE or LLPE or purpose designed laminated materials which are all FDA & EU approved
  • All bags have a food-grade lining between 50 and 200 microns - all FDA & EU approved
  • New I-Tube concept, available in 1,5; 2,25; & 3 litre sizes for high value products such as high- quality cultivar wines, fortified wines, spirits and olive oils
  • Injection, and / blow moulding of PET performs, bottles, caps and handles for wine, fruit, water & sauces industries & specifically designed high precision injection moulded parts

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