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About Us

Welcome to the Industri-Bag website.
We are a leading, innovative company focused on the development of high quality, cost-effective flexible packaging solutions.
Our Cape Town based company supplies liquid packaging solutions to a diverse client base at local, national and international level. We have the necessary expertise, resources and capabilities to develop bags for your specific needs. We have a very experienced and dedicated team with extensive experience in the liquid packaging industry at your disposal.
We manufacture quality bags in a variety of sizes, styles, closures and film materials. Our products include:

  • Wine bags for the Bag in Box industry
  • Fruit Juice Bags
  • Still Mineral water bags - taint free materials
  • Detergent bags
  • Dairy and egg pulp bags
  • Sauce bags
  • Vegetable oil bags - specializing in olive oil
  • Aseptic High Barrier, Barrier or non-Barrier bags
  • Open top /3 side-sealed bags in various sizes and materials
  • I-Tube - new development patented snap-on caps with retractable handle
  • Injection & Blow Moulding

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